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I had previously tried to quit smoking four times using various stop smoking products such as patches and gum.

"I have not smoked for four months and I have managed to save over £1000."

The longest I had ever quit for was a few weeks. I had always tried to quit alone and buy the products myself. Looking back, I wasn’t even sure if I was using the right products that were best suited for me. At the start of 2019, the money I was spending on cigarettes was mounting up and I knew I had to quit for my own health.

I asked my GP about stopping smoking and he sent me in the direction of the Newcastle’s Stop Smoking Service. I gave them a call and attended one of their drop in’s in the city centre. On my first appointment I was asked about my smoking habits and how many cigarettes I smoked per day. We also explored the reasons why I smoked. Once we identified my triggers, we discussed treatment options. These were patches, lozenges, gum, inhalators and an oral spray – all nicotine replacement therapies. I was then told about a tablet called Champix which helps to reduce cravings. Having considered all my options, I decided to go with Champix.

After I got my prescription, I went away and started my journey to become an ex-smoker. I had appointments every week for the first four weeks and then moved to fortnightly appointments over 12 weeks. Each week I discussed with my advisor how I was feeling and I got great tips on how to cope with cravings etc. I was also given a new prescription every two weeks which I took to my local pharmacy. I did struggle at times, but the support I got from the adviser got me through it. I was given clear goals every week and I managed to stick to them.

I have not smoked for four months and I have managed to save over £1000. This is my best quit attempt to date and I honestly feel I could have not done this without the help from my adviser. I feel like I have much more energy now and I have recently joined a gym with the money I have saved. Since quitting I have recommended the Newcastle Stop Smoking Service to friends and family.

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